North Park – Innovation, Humour and Freedom of Speech from Youngsters to Elders

The North Park NFT Collection represents the confluence of freedom of speech and humour, translated into the innovative framework of emerging blockchain technologies. In essence, this collection is intended for people who wish to express themselves freely.

So far, several PC-friendly compilations have been put together, but none of them is comprehensive and all-inclusive in nature.

Our NFT collection was crafted with all generations and for the complete family. Our characters include a mother, father, son, daughter, and grandmother.

As a result of this lack of representation in the creative world, as well as a general lack of connection as a result of the pandemic, it may be difficult for those who identify as underrepresented to have a strong feeling of belonging.  Several factors point to the possibility that this new form of making and collecting art will also help to improve diversity, equality, and inclusion in previously unequal places.

Truth Nowadays – Going Beyond Political Correctness

In our opinion, political correctness depicts the world inaccurately as a utopian world in which everyone lives in an impossible fantasy. The phase of political correctness into which contemporary society is gradually sinking is the cloak-and-dagger concealment of uncomfortable social truths and realities. Restriction of freedom of thought and speech is not synonymous with censorship of social truths. When someone prioritises, political correctness above disputing a falsehood with facts, whether they be criminological, economic, or sociological in nature, they fail to recognise reality. Genuine debate, in which the truth is not withheld, exposes truths and realities that call into question people's self-identity. In a sense, it only relieves them of the load of their denial and the tiredness of political correctness.

North Park’s Roots

One of South Park's most endearing qualities is that it has a diverse and complicated cast of characters that would keep a psychologist busy for years. Because of the plethora of quotable tag lines and marvellously inflammatory conversation bits, South Park has remained a fan favourite since its broadcast debut in 1997. The show has maintained a permanent position in internet culture due to the plethora of quotable catchphrases and delightfully inflammatory conversation pieces.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, have taken it upon themselves to address a variety of contentious themes and societal concerns during the show's history. In tackling topics as diverse as Scientology and Mormonism to homophobia and gender identity, South Park has covered many themes that other programmes were afraid to confront and has done it in a manner that considers all the various perspectives. South Park has taken on the issue of political correctness in a subtle and nuanced manner. While there is a strong implication that the fast rise of political correctness has alienated some people, the absence of political correctness is considerably more polarising, according to the author.

South Park's parodic cartoon genre enables the show to challenge authority, elitism, and punishing the society, among other things. Its authors place a high value on tolerance for human flaws above vindictiveness. Our impulses toward self-interest, bitterness, resentment, greed, lust, vanity, thoughtless conformity, and jealousy are accepted as sources of humour in their classic concluding speeches, which raise awareness of and tolerance for our flawed human dispositions. Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged that Cartman is one of the most, if not the most, sophisticated animated characters ever created. The multiple valences found of these characters found in the South Park world represent one of the main drivers of our NFT projects.

Building a Strong Community

Humour is the glue that unites North Park’s community. We aim to build a community of individuals who share our values and beliefs with people who know how to laugh even when the circumstances are not in their favour.

Most importantly, we strive to build an environment where political correctness does not hinder our capacity to laugh and express our humour. Nevertheless, we want to achieve all these features while still being as inclusive as possible and welcoming diversity in its forms! In our case, it is the "if you win, we all win" mindset that comes from living in a supportive communal setting.

A unified community sharing the same mindset and principles stands at the heart of NFT avatars. At the same time, the community represents the basis within the Metaverse – a digital world with its own types of identities, audience, and government – that may be explored further. As indicated by the many use cases of NFT avatar collections, NFT avatars are slowly but steadily progressing toward a state of maturity in this respect.

Whereas communities have traditionally emerged around content creators or individual figures, we also see communities' formation around the content itself. When individuals purchase an NFT as a mark of membership in a group, they convey the message that "we all enjoy the same thing," which results in a "strong junction of culture and assets."

  Join our discord server, where we crack jokes, discuss current events, make fun of everything, even ourselves, and generally attempt to unwind ourselves. There you will find a community of ideas, members and holders of North Park NFTs may submit ideas for future NFTs and participate in our upcoming initiatives that extend outside the realm of NFTs.

What We Believe In

NFT Avatars - Now & in the Future

One of our core beliefs is that developing a feeling of community is critical to the success of NFTs. Additionally, an NFT avatar serves as a ticket to an exclusive community. Overall, NFT avatars are far more than digital creations. They are one-of-a-kind assets with inherent worth and a high degree of collectability on the secondary market.

NFT avatar growth has the potential to accelerate, fuelled by private collector money and institutional investment. There is no end to the popularity of NFT avatars. Demand is also fueled by the social media revolution and the internet's fascination with individualism. For example, many collectors have updated their social media profile images to include their NFT avatar headshots, generating interest in the NFT community. Numerous users upload their NFT avatars on social media platforms and community forums like Reddit and Discord, enticing further crypto investors to join the scene.

Due to their vital function in the greater NFT metaverse, NFT avatars are all here to stay. The Metaverse is already reshaping society and will proceed to do so in the foreseeable future. We can live more comfortably in the physical world since the Metaverse removes all our restrictions and restraints, such as those related to distance, time, age, and income. Furthermore, the Metaverse provides expanded communication methods that will blur the distinction between virtual and actual worlds.

As metaverses' technological capabilities grow, more areas of daily life, from business meetings to leisure, will move to these platforms in the future. As a result, we may begin spending an increasing amount of money on digital clothing for our avatars or on digital furnishings for our virtual surroundings. As a result, demand for digital luxury and virtual status symbols will continue to grow. NFTs provide a fresh answer to this rising desire by transposing the classic luxury ideas of scarcity and exclusivity onto the digital sphere.

NFTs possess inherent value as a form of digital identification, an investment vehicle, and a source of community benefits. The way we display ourselves online will be shaped by NFTs. We will have specialised social networking sites for folks who want to showcase their NFTs to the globe. It seems certain that NFT avatars will be around for a long time and that they will continue to improve in terms of usability and capabilities. This fact will contribute to the development of a more inclusive NFT environment, which will cover a mix of diverse capabilities such as royalties, staking, gamification, and others.

Understanding the Value of the Freedom of Speech

At North Park, we strongly adhere to everyone’s rights to state their vision and opinions. Nowadays, freedom of speech has been stained by various PC tendencies. Therefore, we want to leverage the opportunity to voice concerns on a secured forum without the fear of censorship is another benefit of blockchain technology for people. The blockchain cannot be tampered with by a third party, and thoughts that have been publicly communicated cannot be removed.

Finally, blockchain eliminates the last lingering sources of failure that have hampered encrypted messaging networks since their inception. Before recently, all commercial and distant communication needed the use of trusted and highly centralised third parties, such as Internet service providers or cloud computing services, to different degrees of success. Corporations and governments have effectively exploited these flaws to their advantage, and "secure" messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram, which depend on cloud services, have been shut down. By sending communications across a decentralised network, hostile attacks are made more difficult to deploy, private messages are made more difficult to decrypt, and metadata is made more difficult to scrape and analyse. If we think of blockchain as a battering ram, it has the potential to knock down any "Great Firewall."

Because of the development of this technology, which has boundless and liberating powers, we have a moral need to cease disregarding repressive regulations that restrict free expression and the press. Being allowed to express one's opinion and report on it without fear of retaliation is a benefit that many people in nations with more robust free speech rights take for granted. Blockchain technology can broaden the scope of this freedom to include everyone.

In a free and open society, satire represents one of the most effective tools for expressing oneself. This type of art mobilises the public's opposition to oppressive governments and laws, rulers, and the wealthy and powerful (consider Voltaire and modern-day political cartoonists such as Lenny Bruce and George Carlin), and it also serves to hold a mirror up to ourselves as individuals, revealing the hypocrisies and fallibilities of our individual stances on issues. As a result, satire makes significant contributions to the opening up of conversation on subjects that would otherwise be blocked, breaching that barrier via the universal language of humour: if we are only ready to engage in a little self-reflection and laugh at ourselves.

Now in 2022, the globe is a very different place than it was three or four years ago. We're using terms in the regular speech that weren't even coined a half-decade ago but are now commonplace. Awakening from a long-term coma today would result in one of the most dramatic upheavals in human history that have ever been experienced.

Decentralisation – The Novel Technological Paradigm

A significant number of individuals are influenced by centralised networks in their everyday lives, and many of them are confronted with major issues relating to their personal safety and the security of vital information. At the other side of the spectrum, decentralisation is defined as the transfer of power and decision-making from a centralised entity (person, organisation, or group thereof) to a dispersed network in the context of blockchain technology. Overall, decentralisation in practice provides for higher agility and risk reduction due to increased autonomy and company-wide knowledge of information, which in turn allows for speedier innovation – regardless of the sector in which one operates.

The way art is made, disseminated, and consumed has been transformed by digital technology. The digital economy has expanded the scope of creative possibilities and provided artists with new media to work with by providing new artistic tools and cross-discipline disciplines such as computational art. With the growth of the digital economy, a new generation of digital goods supporting digital producers has developed, making creative abilities more accessible and simple to learn.

Nonetheless, the digital arts industry has always lacked two critical components of art: authenticity and scarcity. Since most digital information is readily accessible and simple to replicate, valuing the digital medium on a scarcity basis has proven a near-impossible undertaking. As a result, authors of digital material have struggled with both copyright and monetisation difficulties.

Another significant element accelerating the trend toward digital luxury is the increasing adoption of metaverses, which are open virtual worlds often regarded as the next social media generation. As a result of the pandemic's effect, open-world virtual reality games have seen a meteoric rise in popularity.

Advantages of Decentralisation

Trustless environment
In a decentralised blockchain system, there is no need to place faith in other members. This is due to the fact that every member of the network possesses a duplicate or exact copy of the information contained in a distributed record. Where a member's record has been altered or polluted in any manner, the majority of the people in the network will disregard that member's information.

Efficient data recovery
Corporations often exchange information with their business partners. As a result, this information is continually updated and stored in each party's information storehouses, with the possibility of it resurfacing when it is required to be transferred downstream. Each time information is amended, it creates new opportunities for the information loss or incorrect information to enter the workplace, creating a vicious cycle. Because of the decentralised nature of the information repository, each stakeholder has a current and common understanding of the data.

Reduces the severity of weakness.
Decentralisation has the potential to reduce the severity of shortfalls in frameworks where there is an excessive reliance on explicitly hired people. Because of the wear and use on assets, inability to provide promised administrations or wasteful support, occasional blackouts, blockages, a lack of proper incentives for great service, or fraud are all possibilities when dealing with these delicate points.

Dispersion of assets
Decentralisation may also assist in streamlining the dispersion of assets, resulting in improved execution and consistency of assured services, as well as a reduced likelihood of catastrophic failure.

Along with uniting individuals during these times of social separation, virtual open-worlds have evolved into platforms for self-expression, presenting new chances for companies to generate value. North Park is here to fill in that gap and allow like-minded individuals to share their humour via the innovative potential of blockchain technology.