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Frequently Asked Questions

How does North Park differentiate itself from other NFT collections?

With its combination of freedom of expression and humour, the North Park NFT Collection is a testament to how these two elements can coexist in the inventive context of new blockchain technology. To put it simply, this collection is aimed for those who aspire to express themselves freely. In the past, various PC-friendly collections have been put together, but none of them has been complete and all-inclusive in scope.

Our NFT line was designed with all generations in mind, and it is suitable for the whole family. Mother, father, son, daughter, and grandma are among the individuals that appear in our narrative. For people who identify as underrepresented, it may be difficult to have a strong sense of belonging because of their historical underrepresentation in the creative world, as well as a general lack of connection as a result of the Pandemic, among other things. Several variables indicate to the prospect that this new mode of creating and collecting art may also contribute to more variety, equality, and inclusion in previously unequal environments.

Why is South Park a principal source of inspiration for North Park?

South Park's parodic cartoon format allows the programme to address issues such as authority, elitism, and society's punishment, among others. Its writers prioritise tolerance for human frailties above vindictiveness. Self-interest, anger, wrath, greed, desire, vanity, mindless compliance, and envy are all embraced as sources of humour in their legendary ending speeches, which encourage understanding of and tolerance for our imperfect human inclinations. Additionally, it is generally regarded that Cartman is one of the most cerebral cartoon characters ever created, if not the most sophisticated.

The North Park NFT Collection represents the confluence of freedom of speech and humour, translated into the innovative framework of emerging blockchain technologies. In essence, this collection is intended for people who wish to express themselves freely. So far, several PC-friendly compilations have been put together, but none of them is comprehensive and all-inclusive in nature. In reality, the majority of them are only for display and sale.

How does North Park fight the wave of political correctness?

North Park is a firm believer in an individual's ability to express their views and beliefs. Nowadays, several PC trends have tarnished the concept of free speech. Therefore, we want to harness the possibility to express issues in a safe platform without fear of censorship. Political correctness paints an incorrect picture of the world as a paradise in which everyone lives in an unattainable dream. Restriction of free thinking and expression does not imply suppression of social facts. When someone puts political correctness ahead of fighting an untruth with facts, whether criminological, economic, or sociological in character, they fail to recognise reality. Genuine discussion, in which the truth is not concealed, reveals facts and realities that bring people's self-identity into question. In other ways, it just relieves them of the burden of their denial and the fatigue associated with political correctness.

Which is the most important value of North Park?

The North Park NFT Collection embodies the intersection of freedom of expression and humor, as expressed via the unique framework of upcoming blockchain technology. This collection is aimed at those who aspire to openly express themselves. Numerous PC-friendly collections have been assembled so far, but none of them is exhaustive or all-inclusive in character. Most of them exist just for the sake of show and selling. In North Park, humour serves as a binding agent, bringing the community together in one voice. To create a community of individuals who share our values and ideas, and who can laugh even when the circumstances are not in their favour, is one of our goals.

Why is satire a central component of this project?

Satire is one of the most powerful weapons for self-expression in a free and open society. This form of art galvanises public opposition to oppressive regimes and laws, leaders, and the rich and powerful, but it also provides a mirror up to ourselves as individuals, exposing the hypocrisies and fallibilities of our individual positions on issues. Therefore, satire contributes significantly to the opening of discussion on topics that would otherwise be taboo, breaking down barriers via the universal language of humour: if we are just willing to engage in some self-reflection and laugh at ourselves.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are tokens that may be used to indicate ownership of one-of-a-kind goods, such as artwork. The ability to tokenize items like as art, valuables, and even real estate is provided by them. At any one moment, they can only have one legitimate owner, and they're protected by the Ethereum blockchain, which means that no one can amend the record of ownership or create a new NFT by copying and pasting an existing one.

Furthermore, NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible token. Non-fungible is an economic word that may be used to a variety of items, including your furniture, a music file, or even your computer system. These objects are not interchangeable with other items due to the fact that they have distinguishing characteristics. Items that are fungible, on the other hand, may be traded since their worth, rather than their unique features, determines what they are. For example, ether (ETH) and dollars (USD) are fungible because one ETH / $1 USD may be exchanged for another 1 ETH / $1 USD at any time.

How are NFTs changing the world?

NFTs will also enable content producers to engage with the community, sell tokens in exchange for exclusive material, and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is unique to that content creator. These artworks have been created in such a way that they cannot be copied or duplicated. At its inception, they were intended to safeguard or copyright artists' work. The way humans connect with one another, and exchange information is changing as a result of the proliferation of NFTs. For consumers, it may be a wonderful opportunity to save something personal and precious from their favourite content providers on their devices or computers.

Nonetheless, NFTs obviously have the potential to increase in value, depending on who is behind their development. You never know how far a certain content producer will go or how much of an influence they will have on society in the future. Purchasing an NFT from their younger selves now may prove to be a valuable investment in the future as the item becomes more uncommon.

What role does decentralisation play in the context of NFTs?

In the context of blockchain markets, decentralisation refers to the nature of cryptocurrencies, in which investors deal directly with one another rather than via a centralised exchange, as opposed to traditional financial markets. In practise, this implies that buyers and sellers of bitcoin may connect with one another in real time, purchase and sell, and post ask prices without having to be in the same spot.

In order to assure authenticity and security, the decentralised marketplace provides both buyers and sellers with a new way to do business in order to facilitate trade. Virtual markets are often unregulated, which users see as a positive. However, decentralised currencies and trading provide the same consumers with the security and confidence that they need in order to continue to utilise these markets in the future.

Regarding NFTs, peer-to-peer transactions on a decentralised market represent an effort to democratise the art industry. This implies that, rather than having to travel to an auction house and contend with a chain of command and trade that may or may not be obvious, you may acquire a piece of art directly from the artist or seller in a safe and secure manner.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital environment that mixes components of social networking, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrency to enable people to engage virtually. Visual components, music, and other sensory input are superimposed over real-world environments to improve the user's experience. Imaginary reality, on the other hand, is wholly virtual and enriches fictitious worlds. As the metaverse expands, it will generate online environments where user interactions will be more multifaceted than is now possible with existing technology. Users in the metaverse will be able to surround themselves in a realm where the digital and physical worlds collide, rather than just watching digital material.

What does the future hold for North Park Club?

North Park Club plans to be the starting point for OpenWord.io

OpenWord will represent the convergence of web3 and the social media revolution, that will irreversibly transform the interaction between users and content creators.

Using Web3 and blockchain technology, OpenWord's purpose is to increase transparency between the platform and its users, enabling each content creator to get the credit and compensation they deserve simply on the basis of the quality of their work. In this pursuit, the OpenWord platform places a premium on unique individual content, uncensored expression, and data privacy in the Web3 context.

But that is not everything that OpenWord has in store! The platform allows content providers to generate posts and then convert them into NFTs using the platform's tools. This material is then sold to other platform users that love the creator's work and want to own/save the NFT. New content creators’ NFTs may be displayed or resold perpetually, ensuring that they are recognized and remain relevant rather than just disappearing into the obscurity of the internet.

Overall, OpenWord places a high emphasis on the uniqueness of individual content, freedom of expression, and the confidentiality of user data in the Web3 sphere. OpenWord's decentralized, blockchain-based architecture assures the preservation of accurate, unalterable records of all transactions.

You can read how North Park Club NFTs holders will be rewarded and our complete White Paper on OpenWord.io