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Welcome to our North Park NFT collection, a pioneering venture that merges the vibrant world of NFTs with the practical goal of funding the creation of a cutting-edge web3 platform.

Our Vision:

We are not just minting NFTs; we're building a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of web3 technology. Your participation isn't merely a token purchase; it's a commitment to fueling innovation and being a part of a larger mission.

How the Process Works:

Whitelist Registration:

To ensure authenticity and integrity, minting will be limited to approved wallets. To become approved, you'll need to join our whitelist.

Achieving Our Budget Milestone:

Our NFT collection is tied directly to the financial needs of our web3 platform's initial stage. Instead of setting an arbitrary limit of NFTs, we will base our release on our required budget. Once we have white-listed users whose cumulative participation reaches our projected budget, we will initiate the minting process.


Upon reaching our budget goal, all whitelisted users will be notified, and minting will commence. Only these approved wallets will have the opportunity to mint, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Benefits to You:

Exclusivity: Join a selective group of enthusiasts and visionaries. Direct Impact: Your contribution directly affects the development of a new web3 platform. Growth Opportunity: As our platform flourishes, the value and importance of being an early supporter could grow.